Review: Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

Teenager Teenager Sun Yuan and Peng Yu at Arario 9.6 – 10.9

In September and early October on the first floor of Arario Gallery the show Teenager Teenager by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu was a startling installation of rock headed, hairy-handed Neanderthals, a wealthy and oversized family seated in an arrangement as if prepared for a tableau in a natural history museum. Flanking this mannequin grouping, a real soccer player repeatedly kicked a soccer ball into the street side plate glass window, jolting passersby out of their blasé negotiations of that narrow street in Samcheong-dong. The juxtaposition of these works might seem incongruous but, the opposition, play and fossilization, elicited the relations between distractions and authority, sport and spectacle. Even the title is a bit of a scolding or anathema. Like Sisyphus, the ball is kicked to no end, while the audience is bored to death. On the second floor there were two videos: I do not sleep tonight, is from the point of view of cops on patrol, and As long a there is a first, shows a group of people looking for something. Again these two videos set up an opposition: focus and direction, in contrast to an indiscriminate and undefined search.

reviewed by Julia Marsh